We encourage the women of Cambodia to maintain their traditional weaving techniques. All of our scarves and blankets are designed by an incredible local artist that has created a network of talented weavers to breathe life into her creations. Her goal is to not only help these women provide for themselves and their families, but to challenge them both creatively and intellectually. We have seen firsthand that traditional weaving is a complex process that demands a great deal of preparation, concentration and dexterity!  

LA PLANTATION, where we source our Kampot Pepper, has developed an incredible social project that improves the quality of life of nearby villages. The children in this photo are students at the school located adjacent to La Plantation. They are provided their school materials at the beginning of each academic year and have been offered bicycles to make the commute much easier. The employees of La Plantation are provided room & board in addition to their fair trade wages. Our social mission in Cambodia fuels our passion for growing the best pepper in the world.